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Why you need a diamond, Jewelry, or watch appraiser?

The services of an independent appraiser are increasingly of importance in today's complex market environment. As consumers have grown in sophistication and education, diamonds have gotten more costly, and many previously unheard of treatments and ethical issues have arisen, as well. One used to fear that a diamond might be misrepresented as to color, clarity or weight. Now the list of reasonable questions is nearly endless:

• Has the stone had some temporary or permanent treatment applied?
• Is the stone a real diamond, a man-made diamond, a color altered diamond, loaded with filler, or totally phony?
• Will the dealer sell me one stone and deliver another?
• Is the information on the grading document accurate?
• Is the stone damaged?
• Are the GIA, AGS, EGL, grading documents genuine and unaltered?
• Does the diamond match the grading document?
• Is the stone really cut correctly and does the GIA grading document supply enough information to make an informed decision?

The rise of independent diamond appraisers.

 These are appraisers who don't sell diamonds, gems, watches, jewelry or estate jewelry  at all and who have no vested interest in the outcome of the appraisal. They get paid the same whatever the conclusions, whether you buy it or not and whatever you pay.

Most have top GIA gemological credentials, as well as, additional training and credentials in appraising and usually have significantly more experience than the store appraisers. Independent appraisers often do work for banks and estates and get involved in tax and customs matters as well as the usual insurance appraisal type documentation.

They can also be very useful for shoppers. Many customers, especially for very expensive items find that an independent appraisal by a gemologist is an invaluable part of the shopping process both for evaluating stones, as well as, craftsmanship of the final piece.

Most sellers will allow a return period of 7-30 days from your purchase of diamonds, watches, jewelry to return for a full refund. This time can be used to get an inspection from an independent appraiser to both confirm what the dealer has told you ,as well as, to provide more that may have been omitted.

Often even the suggestion that a deal will be contingent on an opinion by an independent appraiser, will help get the best possible merchandise for the best possible price.

Bay State Appraisers is located in Boston and is the only Independent Appraiser in the jewelers building or in Boston.  We provide insurance and many other types of appraisals including, estate, liquidation, pre-sale verificaation, island purchases, and many more. Every Appraiser is a graduate gemologist and the owner Justin Krall is a former GIA instructor that taught the graduate gemologist program to jewelry professionals through out the world.

 At Bay State Appraisers we do NOT sell diamonds or jewelry.

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