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And let me not forget Justin at Baystate Appraisers. Since I made my purchase in the shark infested world of the NYC diamond district, I was very concerned about getting ripped off or taken for a ride. I really learned what a mad house it is. Be careful about buying there if you dont know what you are doing. If you dare venture there, be sure to see Justin at Baystate Appraisers. Justin is a down to earth really nice guy who knows what he is doing. He set my mind at ease at a pre-appraisal of my diamond and really spent time wth me to check out my choice. Of course it was awesome that he liked what he saw and felt I got a good price. He told me all my info on the GIA cert without looking at it. He called it by eye. That was impressive! I went back to him for a final appraisal with the setting and all and was very pleased.

I feel that customer service, patience, and professionalism is tough to come by in one package these days so I feel it is important to give credit when it is due. I would recommend him to anyone purchasing diamonds etc.

 Thanks Justin                                                                                 


 Thanks to solange for recommending Justin Krall for an appraisal! We had our ring appraised today for insurance purposes, and are so happy with his service. He took a great deal of time going through each step of the appraisal with me and showing me everything he was seeing on the microscope. It was a great education, and I really felt that all of my questions were answered patiently and thoroughly. Also, you couldn't meet a nicer guy! I highly recommend him. You can find all of his info on his website,

Now, about the ring! Not to sound paranoid, but it was nice just to have the stone verified as the same stone represented in the GIA report we were given, eliminating any tiny shred of doubt that may have lingered in our minds! And it was great to get a thorough and independent apprasial document for insurance purposes, thus eliminating any problems with replacement if (God forbid!!) anything were ever to happen to the ring. Having the AGS 000 cut grade on there makes us feel much better in that regard; the appraisal from the jeweler said nothing about cut. Mr. Krall also pointed out a prong problem that the jeweler had missed; we can now get it repaired.

I had also been concerned about a feather; Mr. Krall put my mind at ease, saying that it was not the type of feather that would cause any fragility problems. We were also very pleased to hear that our H/SI2 could have fairly been graded a G/SI1 -- and this from a former GIA instructor! So we are very pleased with our ring, and with our appraisal. Thanks to everyone here who helped educate us, so that we could do so well with both the ring and the price, even in the (in)famous NYC Diamond District!

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